‘To Play The Swede’. Violations Of Sweden’s Neutrality Oaths – From Jean Batiste Bernadotte To Carl Bildt

”Hacerse el sueco” or ”um die dumme Schwede spielen”

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Explaining the geopolitical shift of Sweden, from proud and sovereign country to self-made American client state; a development that constitutes one important background in the support of the Ukraine coup by the current Swedish government, and in the ongoing case of Sweden against the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

When one and other journalist asked Thomas Bodström, the Swedish Minister of Justice, about his involvement in the infamous rendition of the Egyptians refugees to the CIA, the exposed politician shrugged his shoulders and pretended not to understand what the controversy was about. This behaviour is known in Spanish-speaking nations as “hacerse el sueco” (“to play the Swede”). The Spanish Academy has even a definition of it, which reads in Latin “Inscium, ignarum se simulare”, meaning “feign ignorance of, pretend not to understand”.[1]

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Berlin, 4 April 2014

 JanBatistaBernadotteThe plebeian soldier made general by the anti-monarchy…

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