Amazon is not really keeping its name up to standard. Being a customer since 1996 or so, they really need to shape up – with this, with how they treat people in their hangars and on how much tax they pay on shore. If not, they can kiss my amazoned ass!


Last night, just before I went to bed, I noticed a link to a t-shirt which said: ”Keep Calm and Rape Her” on Amazon. I was utterly enraged. I can’t even remember where I saw it because so much has happened since then.

I posted a link about it on a couple of Feminist groups and in the morning, after a fitful night’s sleep I found multiple comments on my posts, which I found heartening, but I soon discovered there were still multiple offensive, misogynistic items for sale on Amazon (and eBay, and Zazzle). I started copying the links of these items and taking some screenshots.

I was given the email address of the Amazon UK CEO. I emailed him. On Twitter, Lee Chalmers posted that she was glad to see the rape t-shirt had been taken down from AmazonUK. In response I linked to and sent her a picture…

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~ av atrewe på 03 mars 2013.


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