The Moron List

No rating, no order – name and motivation

  1. Todd Akin, Senator Wannabe, Missouri – for the ”Legitimate Rape
  2. Glenn Beck, FOX Radio Anchor – for calling killed kids on Utøya for ”Hitler Jugend
  3. Göran Persson – on political stability and growth in China, 1996
  4. Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re – for backing excommunication of a 9 year old girl after she’s been raped and pregnant by her father – and had an abortion – a ”Legitimate Rape
  5. Todd Akin, Senator Wannabe, Missouri – for the ”Legitimate Rape
  6. Richard Millet: ”In this decadence, Norway deserves Breivik”

More morons to come

~ av atrewe på 20 augusti 2012.


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